Katharina presented our P3F user study at the Usable Security (USEC) Workshop at NDSS 2017

After our first P3F concepts and prototypes, we decided to get feedback in a user study. We conducted at different places in Vienna and offered the participants three (hypothetical) picture privacy systems that have been proposed. The study was finally accepted at USEC 2017 and presented in San Diego. The study was a major reason why we shifted towards a more interactive system (as in our app solution).

See our paper for further details:

Exploring Design Directions for Wearable Privacy
Katharina Krombholz, Adrian Dabrowski, Matthew Smith, and Edgar Weippl
In Proceedings of USEC Mini Conference 2017 co-located with NDSS Symposium 2017.
[ pre-print PDF ] [ BibTex ]

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