New app to appear soon for Android – call for public beta

We are proud to start a limited beta of our new App that also features a new concept for our picture privacy project.

The new concept features a real-time central-server-free communication between the photographer and a depicted person. We implemented this system as an alternative to the computational heavyweight picture recognition system, after realizing that the vast majority of pictures in social networks are made by smart phones and after user studies shown that most users wish for an situational case-by-case solution for their pictures. Our system so far only produced a generic policy that had to be changed by changing wardrobe.

The new system works as follows:

An app on the smartphone of the photographer sends an small thumbnail to people in vicinity of the taken picture to ask if the receiver is depicted here and if she or he consents with a possible publication of the picture. A photographed person receives an notification on his/her phone or smart watch and is able to send an response to the photographer.

This communication is done in the least privacy invading method generally available on such phones and smart watches: We facilitate WiFi-direct – a method for building ad-hoc networks – and Google Cloud Messaging. (No, Bluetooth does not work without pairing first.)

If you wish to participate in the beta program, please write us at We will start sending out invitations in about two weeks. The beta app will have an additional logging module included for allowing us to measure the performance and possible problems with the app.  This logging is not included in the final version.

Requirements: Android 4.2 or higher. If you have multiple device for testing, that’s even better.


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